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Since incorporation in 2007, Mega plus world Autos has been driven by the vision of
remaining in relevance, top tier class and incredible importance to our Customers. We strive
to maintain our Brand Policies in order to satisfy your Auto needs entirely, while embarking
on the road with your Vehicles.
Our Vision at Megaplusworld is to Improve, Rehabilitate, Maintain the overall well being,
Performance of your Vehicle and procure Durable, Quality, Amazing Car Deals without
having to break the bank.

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Whether you are buying a car, selling your car (In the US& Canada) or in need of fast repairs in the United states, we are just a call away

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What We Do

We provide maintenance and automotive repairs as well as car sales at amazing deals.

MegaPlusWorld provides assistance for the maintenance of your Vehicles with unregrettable, unremitting circumstances whereby we assess all components of your Vehicle and carry out the required maintenance that suits the manufacturers specifications to enable long term durability and road worthiness before embarking on the road.

Auto Maintenance Services​

What does regular auto maintenance include? A car tune up as well as replaceable consumable items such as motor oil, radiator coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, wiper blades and brake pads. Due to our team's skills and experience, we have the ability to service any vehicle make or model, both foreign and domestic. When it comes to quality auto repair, Mega Plus World knows that our technicians will fix the problem right the first time.

Brake Repair Pads & Rotors​

Everyone depends on their vehicle’s braking system to work, and it’s easy to take for granted that it always will.However, it’s essential to have this key safety feature properly maintained...

Vehicle maintenance & Inspection

A maintenance inspection is a routine inspection of a motor vehicle which is conducted to make sure that it is in good working order. We have qualified and trained personnels to diagnose your Vehicle issues, to carry out proper diagnosis and the necessary tuning, repairs to improve your Vehicle performance.

System Diagnosis & Repair​​

At Mega Plus World, We have a team of highly experienced ASE certified mechanics who are skilled with the electrical systems of modern vehicles. We can diagnose and fix any electrical problem that your car may be having. Our electrical diagnostics and repairs services cover areas such as: ● Battery replacement services ● Battery system testing ● Starting system diagnostics and repairs ● Charging system diagnostics and repairs ● Electrical wiring diagnostics and repairs ● Battery system testing ● Alternator testing and repairs ● Fuse replacement ● Interior and exterior lighting replacement ● Computer diagnostics ● Anti-lock brake service and diagnostics

Air Conditioning Services​​

A car AC basically consists of 5 major components that are responsible for cooling your car in summers and warming it up during the winters. These components are: 1. Compressor 2. Condenser 3. Receiver Drier or Accumulator 4. Orifice Tube or Expansion Valve 5. Evaporator Megaplusworld's car ac consultants are well trained to inspect these major components and carry out the required maintenance to your satisfaction.

Tires & Wheel Balancing​​

Your vehicle might need an alignment if you notice any of the following: ● The car is pulling to one side of the road. ● The tire treads are wearing out prematurely or unevenly. ● The tires are squealing. ● The steering wheel tilts off-centre when you're driving. ● The steering wheel vibrates when accelerating. Mega Plus World diagnoses and repairs the entire suspension of the vehicle, steering, and wheel alignment to prevent premature tire tread wear. We recommend getting your tires balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles which can help extend the lifespan and improve the performance of your Vehicle Suspension.

Why Choose Us

Care is an action word for us at Mega plus world of Cars. When you think holistically about care for your car and getting the best used cars at affordable prices

Expert Engineers

Technicians with a cumulative of 30 years hands-on experience

Experience Skills

At Mega plus world of autos, we combine practical skillset with in-depth Knowledgebase

Guarantee Service

We work with astute professionals who always deliver top-notch service every time.

Trusted Work

More than 875 clients cannot be wrong. Our work speaks for itself. It is the reason we get easy referrals

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Our Customers Say

Its good we make claims about ourselves. It is better however when you hear what others are saying about us

This team took personal care of my baby (GL450) like it was their own vehicle. Found this company through their website and I am very thankful for their A+ service.
Ayoola Abiodun
I was eager to buy a car from my neighbour but I later figured I could get a better deal from “Mega Plus World” for a lesser price and a better deal with even greater & longer durability. No regrets since I made that choice.
Damilola Bayomi
Media Consultant